M&A - Buy side and sell side advisory

We support our clients at transactions either they need a buy side or a sell side advisory. We help them with the coordination, the process and the closure of the transaction.
At the transaction support internationally accepted methodologies are used. We guarantee the confidentiality of the project during our work. First we seek for the potential investors or target company, than when finding a seemingly appropriate target, we evaluate its potentials. During our work we are in a close cooperation with our clients. As a part of the project management we monitor the risks and the value drivers of the project.


Due Diligence

Preparing a due diligence is a key task during the transaction support. It is important – both on the sell and the buy side as well – to discover those risks and opportunities which are held by the company.
During the financial due diligence we review the general operation and the strategy of the company, the accounting and the most important financial data.
Our reviews add real value to the transaction by focusing on the key matters, such as those likely to affect the price or cause post-acquisition issues.


Business and Financial modelling and model review

A well structured, consistent and flexible financial model is a critical tool for both raising finance and assessing the impact of strategic choices upon your business. The effective financial model is an essential tool for each company to the following processes: future planning, financial or strategic decision making. Our colleagues have extensive experience both in financial modelling and in model reviews with international background as well.
Financial models need to be reviewed over and over again. The need for a rigorous and independent review of the financial models becomes more pressing in the Companies’ life as time passes. Companies also may need model reviews to debt and equity raisings, transactions, official authorizations, institutional regulations etc.


Business Valuation

The business valuation is entitled to assess the fair market value of a company/ enterprise/ shareholding as a part of the transaction support. Our professional consultant team help our client to make the right decision during the transaction process.
There are three internationally accepted methods to assess the fair market value of a company or a shareholding:
  • The Earnings power based approach is an analysis of the rate of return, based on the net present value of expected future free cash.
  • The Market approach is a comparative analysis of the acquisition prices of similar share packages.
  • Under the Net asset method, the market value of a company is the difference between the market values of the company’s assets and the company’s liabilities.
Our consultants chose the appropriate method of valuation based on the characteristics and the owner’s/management’s need of the target company.