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Business partners, creditors, customers, suppliers, and employees expect responsible and long-term thinking. Incorporating sustainability into the way of thinking and the strategy making of the Company, is more important than ever. An essential element of sustainability is operating profitably while taking social and environmental aspects into consideration.

The leading countries of the world – including the European Union – have made a commitment in the Paris Agreement to set the economy on a path that ensures that the world becomes a climate-neutral economy and society by 2050.

It is important, that sustainability must appear in many other areas beyond the environment. The experienced colleagues at Moore Hungary provide a wide range of ESG (Environmental=Environmental protection and responsibility, Social=Employees, Customers/Suppliers, Social Responsibility, Governance=internal regulations, development of management principles) consulting services to support Clients in ensuring maximum compliance with all regulatory and social ESG expectations and requirements.

A Moore Hungary Green offers the following services:
  1. ESG - sustainability and corporate responsibility services
    • Development of the Company’s ESG strategy;
    • ESG implementation, preparation of internal ESG policies;
    • Preparation of ESG reports in cooperation with the Company for the Company’s stakeholders;
    • ESG audit;
    • Preparation of corporate social responsibility policies and manuals along ESG, and feedback on their implementation;
    • Environmental due diligence;
    • Preparation of recommendations for energy saving;
    • Development of ESG rating;
    • Setting up of internal ESG control system;
  2. Green Bond
    • Green bond issuance;
      • Preparation of a business plan
      • Preparation of management presentation
      • Preparation of Information Memorandum
      • Preparation of Information Document
    • Involvement of investors, conducting negotiations;
    • Keeping contact with MNB and the rating agency;
    • Monitoring of Green bonds;
  3. Screening of green bank portfolio
  4. Taxation
    • Benefits of green taxation;
    • Environmental taxes;
  5. Providing solutions for paperless accounting and administrative workflow
  6. Conducting green audit

The resources and knowledge base of Moore Hungary’s global network ensures we have access to global and regional market information at all times. We draw on our international experience and in-depth knowledge of the local economic environment to develop personalized solutions for both international and domestic projects and engagements.

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