Employee Leasing Services / EOR Services

Efficient planning and management of human resources is of paramount importance to any company. We provide employee leasing, mostly of white-collar workers, to assist our clients in this regard. Our services allow for flexible workforce management and optimization of labour costs. We offer an exhaustive range of employment-related administration regarding labour, taxation and payroll accounting to reduce the administrative burdens and costs of our partner companies and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

The main advantages of our services include:
  • The costs of leasing staff are accounted for as eligible expenditure and not as wages;
  • Clients can hand over to us all HR and administrative tasks related to employment from start to finish;
  • We provide prompt assistance for seasonal and unplanned labour demand;
  • We provide replacements for temporary absences typically due to maternity leave or illnesses;
  • Our clients can expand their resources even in the event of a hiring freeze.
Finding the right workforce is essential in all cases. If required, our recruitment/employee search team will help you find the perfect colleague, relieving you from these tasks and saving you a lot of energy and administration time. We consider each case to be unique and assign dedicated account managers to see through the entire process from finding the right employee to the end of the lease period.