Telecommunication and Media

This versatile and creative sector requires a team of financial and tax advisors focusing on strategy and high-level goals yet monitoring details simultaneously. We fully understand telco and media company operations and attributes. Our team have long been providing accounting, financial and tax advisory services for our clients of the sector.

Our clients and list of references include key players including film production, television channels and broadcasters, theatres, radio stations, advertisement & marketing agencies, music industry stakeholders, electronic sports and gaming industry players, publishing houses, PR, design and media technology companies.

As telecommunication and media enterprises become more and more global, you can safely rely on Moore Hungary’s global reach.

Due to the gained experience from cooperating with successful Hungarian and international enterprises of the sector over the years, we have got acquainted with all the factors driving these enterprises of the industry. Using this experience and cooperating with our tax and financial advisory teams, maximising your business potential is a goal within target.

We assist you in accounting matters, strategic questions, international tax planning processes, acquisition or sale of companies and questions of financing and restructuring.

We invite you to reach out freely and learn how we can help you with your business goals at or directly call our industry experts.